Freo Group All Terrain Cranes 30T – 500T

The following crane models are represented in the Freo Group fleet:
40T 110T
Liebherr LTM1040 Demag AC110
Terex Demag AC35L 130T
55T Liebherr LTM1130
Liebherr LTM1055 160T
Demag AC155 Demag AC160
65T 180T
Tadano ATF65G Tadano ATF180G-5
80T 220T
Demag AC80-2 Tadano ATF220-5
Grove GMK4080 Grove GMK5220
Tadano ATF65G-4 300T
90T Liebherr LTM1300
Liebherr LTM1090 450T
100T Liebherr LTM1450
Liebherr LTM1100 500T
Grove GMK4100 Liebherr LTM150